My name is Mike, and I am 5 days into the relationship with Callie Luna, my puppy that came from Bent Creek. I cannot say enough good things about Lisa and Tom, their care and passion for the breed of English Cream Golden Retriever. I first made contact with Lisa in December 2019 to inquire about her puppies and when there may be a puppy available for me. At that time she did not have any puppies but was confident that she would be breeding within a couple of months. After many back and forth conversations, reviewing the pictures of Piper, the mom to be, and Yeti, my wife and I completed the application, to be considered. After the review and acceptance, Lisa provided regular updates on the status of Piper and activities going on with the dogs. Soon she came into season, and there was a successful breeding. Lisa kept me informed on the various milestones during the pregnancy. Soon the puppies arrived. We were able to keep up very regularly on the status of the puppies and how they were growing. Lots of pictures and communications about things that were ‘firsts’ throughout the first 8 weeks. Vet visits, car rides, baths, puppy food.. it was great to see the progress and growth of our new family member. Lisa did a great job of exposing the liter to new things to keep expanding their experience. Including initial ‘sit’ training and working the fundamentals to potty training. Kim and I picked up Callie on a Saturday morning, and then drove from the Atlanta area to Southeast Michigan. Callie made the trip in amazing fashion. She has quickly bonded with Kim and I and has become very affectionate with us. She is a beautiful girl, I thank Lisa and Tom at Bent Creek for the effort they put into their time with her. I give them the highest of recommendations. Their dedication to the breed and health of the puppies is first rate..Thank you Lisa and Tom…

Thank you,Mike Smithc: 810 449

From: Sydnee Gilbert

I have known Lisa for many years and she was born to be a dog breeder and most especially breed these beautiful English Golden Retrievers. She goes way above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen as a dog owner. I knew I wanted one of her puppies because I knew I would be working with a loving, honest and very caring breeder who would take care of the puppies like no one else. Lisa kept in touch with me from the minute Duke was on the sonogram, all the way to the birth and updates throughout the first couple of months so that we knew what was going on and could see pictures of the puppies. Lisa sat us down and took us threw everything we needed to know when it was time to take Duke home and put together a binder that our vet was astounded by! All that information helped us get Duke started on the right foot when we took him home. Lisa answered any and all questions we ever have and I always felt like we were all in the best hands because of her knowledge and care.

Duke has been such a blessing to our family! Our three kids have had the most fun training him and welcoming him into our pack. He’s truly the best companion to everyone in our family and fits in so well! He’s the best at both cuddling, playing and getting so good with his obedience training. We are so happy to have little Duke in our lives and Lisa made all that possible.

From: Michele Imig

We are in love with Wesley! He is 5 months old now and is the perfect addition to our family. Our experience with Lisa was awesome. I cannot say enough about how incredible the process was to adopt Wesley. She gave us step by step instructions on what we needed and how to make Wesley’s transition to our home easy and comfortable fit all of us. Our Vet couldn’t believe how much time Lisa spent to put special binder together with every detail about his heritage along with everything we would ever need to know. She loves every one of her babies and it’s evident. Wesley’s temperament is easy going, loving and fun. He loves going to the park and playing with other dogs. Our fist night home, we were so nervous about how he would adjust. Lisa send us home with a few of his favorite things that had his mom’s smell on them and he slept through the night! And has every night since!! If you are looking to bring a Golden into your lives – Bent Creek Golden’s is the best!!

From: Bonnie Brown:
I highly recommend Bent Creek’s Golden Retrievers. The puppies are truly members of Lisa and Tom’s family from the day they are born. Their love and care for the pups is obvious from the first FB posting of the new litter until your new puppy is gently placed in your arms on puppy pick up day. Lisa keeps you updated throughout the whole process. She also keeps in touch once you take your puppy home to see how things are going and if you need any help. My puppy came to me already litter boxed trained! How special is that? Her temperament is wonderful; patient, loving and very sociable. Lisa knew I wanted a dog I could train as a therapy dog to assist me in my private practice counseling business so she helped identify the one from her litter she thought most fit the bill. And she was right on. Willow hasn’t been “officially” trained yet, but she’s already started work with several of my clients. They love her and she loves them! If you’re looking for a loving, well adjusted dog from a great bloodline, start with a well loved, well adjusted puppy from Bent Creek Golden Retrievers. That’s the only kind they have.

From Buddy Wofford
The most beautiful GR on the planet!

From Megan Ruth
Bent Creek Golden’s was everything we wanted in a Breeder and more. Lisa was so amazing through the entire process keeping us informed through each step of the way and sending pictures and videos whenever she could. We live in New York and even living so far away we felt like we were right there, and treated like family. When it came time to make the drive for pick up, Lisa was so accommodating for us due to weather issues and unexpected circumstances, she really went above and beyond for us and we could not be more grateful. Penny our new little lady Golden is the sweetest, spunkiest puppy we could have ever imagined. On the day of pick up we left with so much help and information on how to continue her puppy care that every step of our journey thus far has been fantastic. You can see and feel how much these puppies are truly cared for and loved even before they’re born. We cannot recommend a better Breeder for golden retrievers, even with living so far away!

From Allison Kerley

My husband and I just got a puppy from Bent Creek. He is the most adorable baby in the world. Lisa is the best and loves each litter as they are all her babies. She goes way above and beyond. We are so glad we got our baby from Bent Creek❤️❤️❤️

From Melanie Hall
We were looking to add to our pet family and wanted a golden for their success as therapy dogs. After much research and contact with Lisa, we were delighted to be able to bring one of Bent Creek’s lovely pups home. Communication was, and continues to be, incredible, the pups are well socialized and used to being in a home environment. The work Bent Creek-Lisa and Tom, put into making the best decisions for their goldens shows. We are so happy with our Doboy!

Nov 2019-
These people are absolutely dedicated to the breed and nurture their dogs and these pups so that they are ready to jump right in to their new homes with the easiest transition. I could not recommend someone more!

From Jeffrey English

We highly recommend Bent Creek’s Golden Retrievers. Lisa, along with her husband, Tom, invests a great deal of time, attention, resources, and love into each and every one of their puppies. They have wonderful temperaments, just like their parents. It is apparent that the puppies are raised in a home environment as you take them home well adjusted to noises within a house, bedtime routines, and the beginnings of house training. Lisa made us feel like we were part of the daily routine as soon as the puppies were born with frequent texts, photos, and videos. We were sent home with a bag of priceless items, especially a blanket that mom, Aspen, had slept on. We have no doubt this helped our Paxton sleep through the night from day one. Lisa takes a great deal of time to make sure her puppies end up with the best homes and families. We feel blessed to have one of Lisa’s puppies and a positive overall experience.

From Matt Murray
Lisa and Tom made this the easiest and most enjoyable experience of bringing a puppy into our family. All of these pups were cared for by very experienced, professional and dog friendly folks. We received updates, videos and pictures of the pups throughout the process. Socialized, potty trained and loved on since day 1. Thank you Bent Creek Golden Retrievers for such a great pup and experience. We love our Lexi Lou!

Pennee Anderson

We welcomed our beautiful Belle into our home 1/24/2019 and have loved every minute. She is a sweetheart and is so smart. She loves everyone she meets and they can’t wait to cuddle with her. She and my 2 year old Golden play very well together and wear each other out. Belle is a very calm and relaxed girl. Nothing so far has fazed her. She’s a happy and loving little pup. Lisa and Tom put a great deal of love, and time into their pups and the quality of these pups shows.

From Katie Gibbs

Cannot say enough about Lisa and her breeding program. I picked up my boy Winston from her in January of this year. I searched high and low for a breeder and got lucky enough that she’s in my backyard. Winston is the smartest sweetest and handsome dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around.

✔️ sit, shake, and lay down at 9 weeks
✔️ potty trained at 10 weeks. A few accidents here and there but none since 4 months old.
✔️ loves every one and everything. So well socialized!
✔️ walked perfectly on the leash at 8 weeks
✔️ sleeps outside the crate at night at 5 months
✔️ graduated to a fenced in crate at 5 months

Can’t ask for anything more!

Do. Not. Hesitate! I will likely be getting another from Lisa as soon as possible ❤️

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