Aspen – Retired


Aspen is the cornerstone of Bent Creek Goldens. She is why we bred this amazing breed. She has taught us so many things over the years . She is beautiful, smart, fun, well mannered and loyal . All these qualities she has passed down to her babies . She has produced 4 beautiful litters that have passed down her great laid back temperament and her gorgeous looks. Every time we are out with her people always stop to pet her. She is stunning in looks and loving. She is the perfect combination for a golden. Over the years she has delivered and nurtured her babies in a way that would make your heart melt . Not only has she loved her puppies but she has loves our children and grandchildren . I have never seen such a gentle dog around babies and kids. We call her the queen of the house. We recently retired her from our breeding program because of her age and we look forward to her helping our other dogs with their babies in the years to come ❤️

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